White Lilacs

Author Carolyn Meyer Publisher Harcourt,Inc


Part of the violence involves henry getting tarred and feathered."Caught me.Fairgrounds.Tarred and Feathered.Hot Tar.Burned."Mild-language.


I give the White Lilacs four stars because of its story. The story is set in Texas the year is 1921 in a town called freedomtown for African Americans. The story start off with life in freedomtown from the perspective of young Rose Lee Jefferson. The story quickly escalates when Rose Lee finds out that the white folk want to build a park on freedomtown. From this point it turns into a story of trying to save freedomtown, and the struggles that come with it. The reason I give it a four stars and not five stars, it that when the climax happens, it just happens and does not have the impact is thinks it does.-Hunter Reddy

Four Stars

Full of adventure and excitement to save what is dear-Hunter Reddy

Tells a hidden story that will be remebered by many-Guy

Opening Date August 8 2014


Lauryn Alisa McClain-As Rose Lee Jefferson
Tom Cruise-As Mr. Bell
Brooke Mueller-As Mrs. Bell
Ellie Fanning-As Catherine Jane Bell
Sanaa Lathan-As Aunt Susannah
Eddie Murphy-As Henry Jefferson
Julia Roberts-As Miss Emily Firth
Will Smith-As Mr Jefferson
Gabrielle Union-As Mrs Jefferson
Whoopi Goldberg-As Aunt Tillie


Hunter Reddy and Jared Siller