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Team work makes the dream work

The title of the newsletter comes from John C. Maxwell, who is an author of a number of leadership and motivation books. The work we are doing at the beginning of this year seems to make this ring truer than ever, as we are teaming up and collaborating more often and in more purposeful ways than we have before. Our Late Start Monday's are filled with teacher collaboration time as they look at student achievement, groupings, and goal setting. We're excited to extend our teaming to include our families as we look forward to Student-Led Conferences coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Student-led conferences are a great way to check in on how things are going to this point in the year, as well as having students set goals that will help them be successful in their own right. These conferences allow students to show families where they're at, what they're proud of, and where they can grow. Hedden staff will be scheduling conferences with families for October 13th, 14th, & 15th. Teachers will also be supporting students as they present their learning and discuss their goals for the upcoming school year.

Please note that for conferences:

1. We ask that you come as a small family group (4 or fewer) to limit the number of people

2. Bring your student as they will be the focus of the conference

3. Socially distance from other family groups

4. Everyone remains fully masked while inside the building

If you have not yet communicated preferences for date and times for student-led conferences, please get that to your student's teacher as soon as possible. We're excited to be able to have this time with you to help set us up for a wonderful year at Hedden. Also, to help keep us on the same page and working together, I encourage you to take a look at our most recent draft of our Hedden Parent Handbook. We ask that you read through at your leisure to get better acquainted with how we operate and our expectations. Please reach out if you have questions.

To end, I want to say thank you for sending us such great kids to work with, and thank you for partnering with us to make this a great place for them to grow as learners and community members.

Don Sims

Hedden Elementary Principal

P.S. Please keep reading below for more information and events going on here at Hedden!

^-^ ^-^ Self Managers are Coming! ^-^ ^-^

Our PBIS Self-Manager program was a huge success a few years ago and we are getting it back up and running this year. Beginning mid-October, students will have an opportunity to go through the process of earning their badges which come with some extra perks. Small groups of students will go through this process throughout the year. This is a yearly process and students must reapply each year. For more information, please check out the information sheet on our website.
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=-=-= Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA) =-=-=

Typically we conduct our state testing each spring, usually in May and June, but last year with the disruptions related to COVID and hybrid teaching State Superintendent Reykdal made the decision delay the SBA assessment to this fall. What this means is that students will take a shortened version of the typical assessment for both math and ELA. Since this is a make-up assessment for last year, we will be assessing 5th graders on standards from the fourth grade and assessing 4th graders on standards from third grade. Our 3rd graders will not be assessed this fall, as they would not have been tested last year when they were second graders.

Again, these assessments are make-ups for those we did not take last year.

We will still have our regularly scheduled SBA this spring and will assess each grade level based on current year standards at that time. For more information you can check out the OSPI website.


3rd Grade Students:

-No SBA testing this fall

4th Grade Students:

-October 28th: Math

-November 3rd: ELA

5th Grade Students:

-October 27th: Math

-November 2nd: ELA

Make Up Sessions:

-November 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th.

*-*-*-*-* P.T.A. News You Can Use *-*-*-*-*

Hedden PTA is back up and running thanks to the work of a number of our parents. With their interest in helping our students have a great experience along with some hard work and planning, we get to bring back some fan favorites.

Events coming our way:

  1. Books 4 A Buck at recess every other Friday

  2. Friday Treats at recess every other Friday

  3. Scholastic Book Fair is back for conferences

  4. TRUNK OR TREAT is coming to Hedden Friday, October 29th!

  • Partnering with Discovery PTO
  • PTA is working on getting food trucks on site too.

NOTE: Classroom Celebrations, Birthdays, etc.

To help prevent allergic reactions, all food brought to school that is meant to be shared is to be store bought and brought to school in the store packaging that clearly shows all ingredients. Homemade food is not allowed. Also, please consider that students will need to mask between bites or sips due to COVID safety protocols. Messy foods and frosting present challenges.

If you are planning to provide treats for your child’s birthday, please coordinate with your child’s teacher prior to the birthday. Treats must be dropped in the office for delivery by staff. Parents and families cannot deliver to classes at this time. Please, NO BALLOONS. Costumes are not allowed at school unless a specific event has been arranged through, or by the school.

Mark Your Calendars for Events On the Horizon

October 6th

  • Half-Day with dismissal at 12:00
  • Teachers will be getting prepped up for student-led conferences the following week

October 8TH:

  • NO SCHOOL - (State-In-Service Day)

  • Teachers will be in training most of the day

October 13th, 14th, & 15h

  • Student-Led Conferences:
  • NO SCHOOL, but please plan to attend conferences with your student

  • PTA will be running a Scholastic Book Fair!!

November 11th

  • Veterans Day
  • No School
  • No assemblies this year due to COVID restriction
  • Ms. Keeler and a group of students are working on a presentation to share digitally

November 24th

  • Half Day with dismissal at 12:00

November 25th & 26th

  • No School
  • Thanksgiving Holiday