A nation shaped by Islam

Egypt's Religious Culture

Egypt isa cross the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia , where the messenger of Islam , Muhammad, was born. Like most countries in North África , Islam is now the major religion in Egypt . In fact, it is the country's official religion.

Muslims Beliefs

Muslims believe that the Quran , their holy book, contains the words of God and that they were revealed to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. Muslim's believe in many of the teachings presented in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible.

An Islamic Renewal

Praying and fasting are two ways that Egyptian Muslims have brought their religion into their daily lives. While most Muslims believe that the laws of Egypt should be based on Islamic law, there is some disagreement among Egyptians.

Diversity of Life in Egypt

About half of all Egypt live in cities. Cairo, the nation's capital and largest city has more than 9.5 million people.

Many people moved to the cities from rural areas. They hope to find jobs and better education.

In the rural areas of Egypt, most people live in villages along the Nile or Suez Canal. Most viillagers make their living by farming.