Outdoor Classroon

By Ashton,Christopher,Taneria, and Jamila

Why We Should Have An Outdoor Classroom

We should have an outdoor classroom because it shows that being outside learning increases behavior than inside a classroom learning. In other outdoor learning environments students like working outside a little bit better. They also like to get dirty and work in gardens and in the dirt . Some kids stay inside must of the time and don't experience much and an outdoor classroom would fix that.It would teach them about nature and not just them watching TV . We should also have an outdoor classroom because it will be a fun way of learning and trying new things .

The Cost And Materials.

We would need wood,garden tools, metal,glass,plastic,bird feed , and a lot more for the outdoor classroom. It will cost us $1,000 - $2,000 to get this material. We could this money from the hot chocolate stand project we are already working with Mrs . Dillard or we could get the money from investors who would give us money.

What We Would Want

We would like to have different areas in the outdoor classroom .We would like to have a garden for learning about plants and how they grow and they process of them growing. We would like a pavilion with 6 stations for a different subject like a reading,math,writing,grammar,science, and social studies station. We would like a bird habitat to study birds and a butterfly habitat to study butterflies. The butterfly habitat will have joe-pye-weed which attracts butterflies. We would lastly like a sports section for fitness and exercise and Taneria and Jamila would like a dance company / studio .