Week of November 18, 2019

Teacher Brag Board!

Mrs. Cox was given the daunting task of cleaning out over 100 years of cumulative folders. She has had some help along the way but I want to recognize her for her willingness to take on this task, see it through, and never complain. She did what I and most would never attempt! Thank you, Mrs. Cox, for helping our school and more importantly Sanger ISD. You are a ROCKSTAR!
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November 22nd - All Staff Can Leave At 2:00 PM!

Nuts and Bolts

Bleeding Control Kits - Make sure you have watched the training video and signed off through Canvas. This must be completed by November 22nd at 11:59 and is required of all staff. Please direct any questions to our nurse, Julie Gregory.

Three-Week Progress Reports - Students may regain eligibility this Friday at 3:45 pm by passing all classes with a grade of 70 or above. Please make sure all grades have been updated in TXEIS.

It is our responsibility to make sure our students and their parents are fully aware if they are in jeopardy of remaining ineligible. It should not come as a surprise to any of our students or parents so please make the necessary phone calls, emails, or conferences. Document all communication with parents through SchoolStatus.

Tribe Cards - Not many tribe cards have been turned in. If you see a student being responsible, respectful, or safe please recognize them!

Shutdown - Make sure your classrooms are shut down and a the shutdown list is attached to your door. Department Heads need to sign off...

Science Department - Make sure the upstairs refrigerator is cleaned out and everything is unplugged.

CTE Department - Make sure the downstairs refrigerator is cleaned out and everything is unplugged.

Upcoming Events

November 18

  • CTE/Elective Department Meeting @ 7:45 am
  • Book Fair - All Week
  • Boys Basketball vs Godley @ Godley, 5:00 pm
November 19
  • Math/Science Department Meeting @ 7:45 am
  • Club Pictures
  • Girls Basketball vs Callisburg @ Callisburg, 5:00pm
  • XC banquet in SHS Cafeteria @ 6:00 pm

November 20

  • English/SS Department Meeting @ 7:45 am

November 21

  • Girls JV Basketball @ Valley View Tournament
  • Girls V Basketball @ Abiline PKC Tournament

November 22

  • Early Release @ 1:00. Staff can leave at 2:00pm
  • Boys V Basketball @ American Airlines Ctr @ 2:30pm

Indian Walks is scheduled for December 9th.

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I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


"We greet students at the door to help them feel welcome. Extend that same grace to colleagues as well. Smiles, asking how you are, and actually listening to another adult's answer - they go along way to setting the tone for a school." ~ Pernille Ripp, Teacher

It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

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