Infant Brain Development

Emily Staggs 2A

Ways to Stimulate an Infants Brain Development

Keep it Simple & Natural

Everyday experiences, such as changing a diaper or giving a bath, build the pathways between neurons when combined with cuddling, talking, or singing to the baby. Experts urge parents to give an environment rich with positive interaction and talking.

Match Experiences to the Child's Mental/Physical Abilities.

A safe interactive toy can help them learn. However, flashcards are too advanced for a three-month-old.

Things like legos or toys with small pieces would not be good for an infant to play with for safety reasons.

Also letting your baby do things for themselves is important but some things they need your help with, each baby is different.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more repetition,the stronger the connections between nuerons become. Establish routines with the baby so the baby so the baby so the baby learns what to expect. Include bath time, a bedtime story and bed time for a good nightly routine.

Actively Involve the Baby

Provide experiences in which the child takes part. Children of all ages learn the best by doing. Examples include 1.) they learn to make sounds on their own which they eventually learn how to turn them into words. 2.) They teach themselves how to grab onto things and pick things up. 3.) They learn to make funny faces by watching you and imitating.

Provide Variety but Avoid Overload

Some parents try to expose their baby to as many different experiences as possible to enhance brain development. But the truth is that too many experiences could overwhelm them. Examples of ways you could overwhelm the baby are 1.) trying to teach them too much at once, instead of trying to teach them the whole alphabet at once start with only the beginning , then slowly add more. 2.)Teaching them things they are too young to comprehend like trying to potty train a 2 month old. 3.) Don't give up on trying to teach them something if they don't learn fast enough. Patience is key.

Developing a routine