Venezuelan Crisis/Protest 2014

Maya Wheeler


  • South American Country whose Capital is Caracas
  • Has a federal republic government ( has a president & votes)
  • Has one of the largest petroleum production amounts

    world wide

  • Makes income unsteady
  • Wealth is not spread equally among all regions
  • President Hugo Chavez died March


  • Vice president came to power Nicolás Maduro
  • He was highly criticized for how he handled crime, the economy, and security

  • 2014- 25,000 were killed= murder rate (2nd highest)

  • Population of 29 million

  • Chronic Shortages of basic needs (ex. McDonalds ran out of potatoes, food shortages, medical shortages etc.)

  • All of these factors caused the protests to start

Protest : What and why?

  • Protests were public demonstrated
  • Protesters demanded security, no more food shortages, rebuild of the economy and freedom of speech
  • Mostly students and politicians

  • Leading protesters jailed
  • T.V. and news articles banned
  • freedom of speech taken away
  • Economy continued to crash
  • Government blamed


    for internal issues
  • Argued that the democracy had turned dictatorship
  • Started in west then spread to all regions
  • Started February 2014
  • Leopoldo Lopez: one of the leading opposition protesters organized protests, thrown in jail by government

Effects of protest

  • US stopped oil trade with them because of Civil Rights issues

  • Oil prices crashed
  • Dozens of people died
  • Government imprisoned leading protesters

  • Next election made many changes to the core leaders

  • Protests caused violence and strict government

  • Government being stricter caused Civil rights issues on citizens

  • These issues caused the US to stop trade

How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

Venezuelans united together for a common cause. They felt strongly about freedom of speech and being safe. The economy was also a major factor in peoples

life and they wanted it to improve. The citizens disagreed with the unfair and even cruel punishments of the government and showed that civil rights were highly important. They believed that everyone should have the basic necessities, freedom of speech, and feel secure in their homeland
Why Is Venezuela In Crisis?