Ocean Acidification

Scientific research

Hot dose it happen

Ocean acidification is actually caused by the increase of carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. After entering into ocean CO2 rapidly goes through a series of chemical reactions which increase the acidity of the surface seawater ( lowering pH ). The ocean has already removed about 30% of anthropogenic CO2 over the last 250 years, decreasing pH at a rate not seen for around 60 million years.

Source : Hot, Sour & breathless-ocean under stress

The Effects

Ocean Acidification reduced : calcification, growth and the reproduction rates in many species ( it change the ecosystem ). It change also to the carbon and nitrogen composition of organic material. To summarise, during this period there is less life ( reproduction and growth ), it's more difficult for fish and other animals of the sea to feed theirselves ( less food chain ). Change the biodiversity.

Source : The Ocean Stress Guide