Dana's 6 Days of Christmas

( we always do things double time)

Too Funny Kids Getting 12 Days Of Christmas All Wrong
Each day from now until break a little surprise awaits!

Friday, December 12th

Schedule changes to drive you nuts

so to show you we care

check the lounge you'll find what

a sweet doughnut ( and yummy creamers)

Monday, December 15

On the 5th day till Christmas break

Santa thinks you can't wait

to have duty free lunch

and pizza and on your plate!

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Tuesday, December 16

It's the time of year

for the Polar Express

You'll give a cheer

when on the the 4th day

you find a Klondike

( at the end of the day

in the refrigerator in 324)

My rhyming can only go so far.

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On the 3rd day till Christmas break

With the chill in the air

Enjoy the self serve chocolate bar

You don't even have to share!

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Thursday, December 18th

On the 2nd day till Christmas break

Santa has heard your plea

Wildcats can wear JEANS

Be casual and oh so comfy!

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Thank you for Being A Champion

Friday, December 19th

On the last day of Christmas

we will sneak a treat into your box

to let you know you have

"mint" a lot to us this year!

Then you can dash away, dash away ,dash way all!

Merry Christmas to All!