The Mustang Minute

Week of November 15th


Greetings Brookwood Families,

Thank you to all of you that joined us in person, or virtually, to celebrate our Veterans during our Veteran's Assembly. This truly is a great event and helps us transition into the Thanksgiving Season.

We had a great professional development day on November 12th. Staff engaged deep professional development surrounding empowering students through assessment and feedback processes. We are confident that this information will greatly assist us to support our students and provide targeted instruction.

With the short week for Thanksgiving, we will not be putting out a Mustang Minute next Friday. You can expect to see the next newsletter for the week of November 29th. Hope you have a wonderful week and then an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Mr. Braden and Mrs. Franz


  • 11/24 - 11/26 - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/1 - BFO Meeting, 6:30pm-7:30pm @ BES
  • 12/2 - School Board Community Listening Session #2 - 6:30pm @ BMS
  • 12/7 - 4k/5k Concert @ BES
  • 12/10 - NO SCHOOL
  • 12/8 & 12/9 - BFO Holiday Shop, 5-8pm @BMS
  • 12/9 - Grades 5-8 Band & Choir Winter Concert @ BMS, 7pm
  • 12/14 - Grades 1-3 Winter Concert @BMS, 6:30pm
  • 12/23 - 12/31 - NO SCHOOL, Winter Break


Mindfulness Exercise

Here is a link to try with you students today for Mindfulness Monday. There is a very short video that walks everyone through box breathing. Box breathing is very easy and is a great technique to take slow, deep breaths.


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Diabetes Awareness

Brookwood is going blue!!! Students are invited to wear blue on Friday, November 19th to show their support for Diabetes Awareness.

Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body uses glucose, a sugar that is the body's main source of fuel. Your body needs glucose to keep running.

There are two major types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas can't make insulin. The body can still get glucose from food but the glucose can't get into the cells where it's needed. Glucose stays in the blood, which makes the blood sugar level very high and causes health problems. To fix the problem, someone with type 1 diabetes needs to take insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is different from type 1 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas still makes insulin, but the insulin doesn't work in the body like it should and blood sugar levels get too high.

Scientists are looking for ways to make it easier to check blood sugar levels and give insulin. They're also trying to find ways to get insulin into the body without shots. And there's hope that one day a cure will be found.

Even though kids with diabetes have to do some special things, it doesn't keep them from doing the stuff they love. They can still play sports, go out with their friends, and go on trips. So if you have a friend with diabetes, let him or her know you can deal with it. Being friends is all about having fun together, not having a perfect pancreas!

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Veterans Day Assembly - A Hit!

Congratulations to our Veterans' Day Essay Contest Winners!

Wyatt O’Bryant Grade, 6th Grade BMS

To serve your country means that you are an important person to your state and that you help to protect your country. By risking your life to protect those people you don’t even know, you are making a good impression on you, your family, and your country. Also, by serving your community, you are helping make a good impression on your town. For example, let's say that your city/town needs food or needs newer materials. By helping out your city or town, you can get others to help out and join in to help the area and get the area up and running again.

The military soldiers that help make impacts on the world and country help others to make good choices. I could even make an impact by becoming an army man or by working with the air force like my dad. It doesn't matter what you do to be someone good, you just have to try your best and work hard. To be a hero you need to be strong so you can save others. You also need to be smart. You just have to have the ability to help and trust others.

Peyton Kolnik, 6th Grade BMS

To serve your country and community means to stand in an act for freedom. Whether you’re from the Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, or Navy, our country owes you so much gratitude and thanks. To serve your country means to risk leaving the life you had before, your family, home, anything you had before. Veterans, along with military men and women, impacted our country and community by serving in our 5 branches. Early on, veterans served in WWI (which was from July 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918) & WWII ( from September 1, 1939 - September 2, 1945), which was one of the most impactful wars America has ever been a part of.

Some, like my Grandpa Eddie, served in the Vietnam War (he was stationed in Germany and in the Army). The Vietnam War started on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. The military branches also helped after 9/11 happened and went to Afghanistan to figure things out.

I sincerely thank you for your service, and I love you very much, Grandpa.

Thank you for your service.

Brynlee Buchanan

People in the military or the armed forces are putting their lives at home on hold to make our lives better. There are many branches of the military, there is the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, and Space Force. When someone serves for our country or our communities they are helping us live freely because when we have people invading our country we could get hurt by the other countries that are invading.They have also impacted my life because if we didn't have those veterans the USA would not be safe But, our veterans are sacrificing their own lives and safety. For example, my uncle Matt served in the Army and he fought in Afghanistan. I am very grateful for all of our veterans because now our country is free. I think veterans are really amazing people because they fight for us, they fight for themselves, they fight for their families, they basically fight for everyone in this country. Thank You to all of the veterans that served our country!

BES Celebrates the 50th Day of School!

After fifty days of hard work, our class jumped back in time and celebrated 50's style! Students arrived dressed up and ready to rock and roll! We spent reading time comparing and contrasting today to the 50's. We wrote about 50's fashion and made our own poodle skirts and saddle shoes. We did 50 multiplication facts and competed in a door decorating contest. The day ended with an old fashion sock hop, full of shake, rattle and rolling! What a fantastic way to celebrate fifty days of fun!

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The Golden Horseshoe Moves On!

The Golden Horseshoe Moves On!

This week the Golden Horseshoe moves on to the organizers of the 50th Day of School!

Ms. Stanley, Mrs. Nast and Ms. Ferguson worked together to help the kids celebrate 50 days of learning at Brookwood School. The team put together a day of fun filled learning activities, a dress up day and a door decorating contest. Pictured is the team with their 50’s themed doors!

(Mrs. Nast, Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Stanley)

From the AD's Office...

As the girls basketball season is beginning to wind down, I wanted to recognize each player for their growth throughout the season. It’s clear these girls have put in the work, and it shows on the court. This week we won all four games we played! Way to go, Mustangs! Our last home game is Tuesday, November 16th, and we would love your support as we battle Williams Bay. Let’s finish the season strong!

Friday Morning Basketball is back! We had a great first morning last week, and I hope to see more Mustangs next time! Friday Morning Basketball is open to all students in all grades. On Fridays that we have school, I open the gym at 6am for open basketball. If you would like to attend, please sign up in the office Monday - Thursday afternoon. Parents, please drop your students off at Door 5 as I will have it unlocked. Door 5 is the door nearest to the gym.

Attention boys in 6th through 8th grade: basketball tryouts will take place Wednesday, December 8th, and Thursday, December 9th, from 2:45 - 4:30pm. There is a late bus available to take students home at 4:30pm.

Go Mustangs!

Coach Metcalf

Brookwood Elementary School: BE BROOKWOOD!!!

Students observed going above and beyond being kind, being safe, and/or being responsible are issued “BE BROOKWOOD” tickets throughout their school week. Each week we randomly select students from this group and acknowledge them in our morning announcements and in the weekly MUSTANG MINUTE. This week’s drawing winners are:

Kindergarten: Kayden, Nora, Josalyn, Michael, Violet, Emery, Hazel

1st: Reed, Lilly, Stella, Jade, Owen, Stone

2nd: Cameron, Owen, Declan, Xavier, Jaxson, Sean

3rd: Frank, Sophia F, Dylan, Landon, Tyler, Brawley, Lana

Congratulations to all of our BE BROOKWOOD ticket earners and keep up the great work!

Old News, but Good News!

"Guth Games" are BACK!!

Guth Games are BACK!!! For those not in the "know", Guth Games are fun exercise activities, sports, and games hosted by Personal Wellness teacher, Mr. Guth, in the gym during the colder months of the school year. This is a GREAT way to get students moving right away in the morning to kickstart their day!

WHEN: (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, November 2nd - March 24th, 7:00 - 7:30am

WHERE: BMS GYM (enter building in FRONT doors)


  • Tuesdays: 4th & 5th Graders
  • Wednesdays: 6th, 7th & 8th Graders
  • Thursdays: 4th & 5th Graders

Questions? Contact Mr. Guth at: Looking forward to seeing our BMS students there!

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Families in Need- Clothing Drive

Our Families in Need program is designed to help out families in our district who are having difficulty meeting the immediate needs of their children. We are thankful for the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry for providing food and toys to our families in need within our community.

Families in Need: Clothing Drive (Sign Up):

Families in Need: Donate/Adopt:

If you have any questions on either of the above items, please contact Helen Xiong at:

It's getting colder outside...

Parents: Please remind your students to dress weather appropriately for school. We will continue to go outside for recess unless it is raining. Thank you for your help with this!