Halliburton Happenings

January 31, 2015

Student Voice

The communication strategy of LEAD 2021 calls for communication with students to support the GCISD mission and strategic objectives. Superintendent's goal number six supports this goal by asking for the creation and implementation of a plan to systemically pilot “student voice” as a mechanism for feedback over the next three years.

One way we are receiving feedback from our BES Texans is through monthly meetings of the Principal Panel in which representatives from each class have lunch with Mrs. Halliburton and share ideas they have for making BES the BEST! Below, please see a sampling of student thoughts from this past week:

  • Never get rid of pizza day
  • Fix the volleyball nets outside
  • Can we have a daddy/daughter dance?
  • More parties
  • More after school activities
  • Can we choose our own teachers?
  • Water fountains outside
  • Academic challenges needed
  • More time needed to go to the library
  • We love our teachers!
  • Can classes be split by learning style?
  • More hooks are needed to keep the classrooms organized
  • Lunch should be longer

This is just a sampling of the thoughts and ideas from our terrific Texans! Meeting with the Principal Panel is truly one of the highlights of the month and it is a reminder of the importance of asking for input from our students as we continue to build an excellent school together!


  • Thank you Hayden for supporting Neha at the district spelling bee!

  • Over 100 students have signed up for fitness force! Thank you Sue, Sandy, and Rebecca for organizing this wonderful after school activity for our students. Make sure to pack your tennis shoes each Wednesday to join our strong Texans!

  • Thank you Sandy for running with our BES team at the GHS Fillie Trot on Saturday!

  • Thank you for each of you who joined us at Spring Creek! We had a wonderful turnout of staff and families throughout the evening. What a great way to continue to build community!

  • Thank you Shelly for ensuring we have an e-mail address for ALL of our students! This helps with ease of communication!

  • Thank you Shana, Nancy C., Joelle, and Meredith for your flexibility and student-centered mindsets when we were short a sub!

  • Thank you Denise for calling local eateries to set up spirit nights!


  • Schedule change on Friday, February 19th. The 5th graders will be taking a field trip to CMS from 9:00-11:30. Because this is Sock Hop Day 5th grade is going to switch specials time with 4th grade so they can be judged in the costume contest.

  • Genius Hour: If you give people time for creativity, discovery, learning, and a say in the culture of their environment, you create an opportunity for empowerment and growth of the individual and the organization. The business world has adopted this concept; how can you do this in your classroom? Join us and find out how to allow students to develop their own inquiry question about what they passionate about and want to explore, learn, and/or create. Flipped model with two hour pre-session activity and two 4:15-6:15 PM (Feb. 8 and Feb 17) after-school sessions to equal a 6 hour GT update. Sign up for this session on Eduphoria.

  • Valor: Applications for Valor will be coming out NEXT Monday, February 8. The Vanguard Association of Learning, Observation, and Reflection is a group of innovative, growth-minded teachers striving to reach new heights as educators as they work collaboratively to advance the achievement of their students through observation, reflection and scholarship. For more information on Valor, please visit the Valor website.

Remember to... Check this list, check it twice!

  • Register to vote! (see above)
  • Visit with Raschel about National Read Aloud Day. (see below)
  • Join us for Kendra Scott Spirit Night on Monday, February 1.
  • Staff Survey: Next Monday is the annual staff survey. Please mark out time in your schedule now to participate in the survey. The survey link for BES will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. More information about the survey will be coming. 100% of BES staff will participate in the survey.

National Read Aloud Day

Wednesday, Feb. 24 is National Read Aloud Day. There are a variety of activities to help your class participate, if you so choose. More information can be found here:


If several of you would like to participate, Raschel will be happy to register our campus, instead of individual teachers . There are several authors who are willing to Skype with classes for free if you would like to do that. Here is the link to the list.


Dr. Newell has offered to organize some school leaders to come do some read alouds if you're interested.

Let Raschel know if you would like to participate and how I can help you!


February 2: Grade-level choice

Free Non-Fiction eBooks for Early Readers

From : Amy Phillips


Unite for Literacy is collected of free non-fiction ebooks for early readers. It works on iPads or computers. The creators of the website have a vision... "We picture a world where all children have access to an abundance of books that celebrate their languages and cultures and cultivate a life-long love of reading."

The first time you visit the site it will ask you to pick your "community". Then you can scroll through all the books or use the icons along the top of the screen to sort by category.

The books range from single word per page picture books to pages with a few sentences. The stories can be read to you by clicking the Narration icon and choosing from 30 different languages! An actual person reads the story, not a computer!

February Student Led Conferences

Mark your calendars for spring student led conferences on Wednesday, February 17 and Thursday, February 18. As you begin planning, please keep the following times available on Wednesday, February 17 to post-conference with Alyssa and Trent, our writing workshop presenters:

12:15 - 1:00 K and 3

1:05 - 1:55 1 and 4

2:00 - 2:45 2 and 5

More information to come regarding both student led conferences and professional learning plans for February.

Week at a Glance

What's going on around BES this week?


TELPAS Training 3:10 p.m.

Kendra Scott Spirit Night, Southlake 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Grade-Level PLCs in Lisa's Room

No after-school meeting!


3 week progress reports for those receiving grades below 70 or who have dropped ten points or who are not making progress. Remember, these are teacher printed.


Have a thrilling Thursday!


District Wear Red Day for Heart Health Awareness!

100th Day of School Celebrated!

Where in the World...

My goal is to keep you abreast of my intended calendar to the best of my ability. Here's a two week preview.

2/1: BES :) Kendra Scott 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

2/2: BES :)

2/3: Principal Meeting

2/4: BES :)

2/5: BES :) PTA Exec a.m.

2/8: BES :)

2/9: BES :)

2/10: Campus Instructional Rounds

2/11: BES :)

2/12: Jump Rope for Heart! Valentine's Day Parties!