There are lots of weather. There snowy,rain,sunny and more. Weather has cold and hot.but there are some bad weather. Like fluid and more. (the picture on the right is an example a tornado and lighting)

Weather Tools

  • thermometer (picture on the right)
  • weather maps
  • barometer
  • hygrometer


There are four seasons a year.

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.

The one i like is summer.

What do you like?

(the picture on the right is a tree that has changed during different seasons)

Sun Earth seasons

Why dose weather change?

It changes by the Earth rotating and that makes different types of weather because of how much heat and cold it gets.

The definition of a landform

"1. A specific geomorphic feature on the surface of the earth, ranging from large-scale features such as plains and mountains to minor features such as hills and valleys.

2. A recognizable, naturally formed feature on the Earth's surface. Land forms have a characteristic shape and can include such large features as plains, plateaus, mountains." (this was from the website