Come To Our Concert!

Come to our fundraiser with the best bands!

This Day Is Coming Soon So Mark It On Your Calander

We will have new and upcoming bands we have recruited from here in Austin. We will be holding this because we want to help more people who need the help, this fundraiser will help more people join our camps.

Concert for the Teens!

Friday, April 24th, 6:30-10pm

801 Red River Street

Austin, TX

We will be holding this event at Stubs which is a great venue! The tickets will cost 20$ for children under 11 years and for kids from 11-18 it is 25$. For the adults anyone over 18 the price will be 30$.


6:00pm - Buy tickets and get wristbands at the entrance

6:30pm - We will have our first band playing; The Rocking Stones

7:00pm - We will have our second surprise band playing!

7:30pm - We will have a break where you can go and get BBQ, drinks or you can just hang out!

8:30pm - 10:00pm - We will have many more bands playing throughout the evening 30 minuets a piece.


The I AM STRONG organization have many events throughout the year and we have a website you can visit with many of our upcoming events. Also if you have any questions you can email, call us, or visit our locations.