Imagining the Best Learning Space

Bringing classrooms out of the past and into today

With technology levels increasing at exponential rates, it only makes sense that we, as educators and a society, take advantage of the new technology in the classroom. Of course, no school has an unlimited budget - in fact, most struggle with making ends meet on a daily basis. However, without goals for a brighter technological future in our classroom, schools are more likely to continue in the ways of the past. Here, I would like to present some ideas for an ideal classroom, using the best technology available today.

High Tech High Chula Vista

High Tech High Chula Vista is a great example of an ideal school of today. One of High Tech High's goals is to "integrate technical and academic education to prepare students for post-secondary education in both high tech and liberal arts fields." High Tech High Chula Vista uses many components - such as large amounts of glass to increase unity and transparency and an Environmental Resource Center - to achieve its goal and make itself a model school of today's technology.

Products for the Classroom

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