Segregation & Jim Crow Laws

DaMonte' Robinson


  • the jim crow laws were used as a law to enforce racial segregation.
  • this law was mostly usedd against african american citizens.
  • this mosly took place in the 1880's to the 1960's.
  • laws stated white clientail are not to be next to eachother
  • lots of public things werent available, or clean enough too. like drink out of the same water fountain, use the same bathroom, or ride in the certain part of the bus the whites sat in the front and the blacks sat in the back most of the time.

Key Person

An african american women by the name of Rosa Parks who was an activst, boycott suporter, college graduate, NAACP member, seamstress and wife is known as one of the most famous african american women to take pride in what they believed in. Rosa Parks was born february, 4, 1913 in Tuskgee, Alabama. There she attended alabama state teachers college for negroes where she learned to become a seamstress through tough segregational times . it all started on december, 1, 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a caucasion man after hours of being on her feet. she was then arrested but then released, and soon after this misconseption the bus boycott started. unfortunately most of the riders were african american and the state of montgomery noticed lost funds because african americans were no longer riding the bus because they were most of their clients. soon this was all over and everything was back to normal but nobody had to give up their seats this time.

Important Events

1. In 1896 president Plessy v. Ferguson approved the seperate but equal facilities, that was the caus eof events to come.

2. In 1963 martin luther king jr. said his "i have a dream" speech then was killed, he was the most known for being a black activist

3. In 1964 the civil rights act was said " discrimination to be illegal" meaning segregation was over although rasicm was still going on.

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