By: Valerie Broderick

The Summary

The book insurgent follows the plot of the book Divergent. In this book, there are different factions just like in the first book; the brave, the peaceful, the intelligent, the honest, and the selfless. The Erudite, which are the intelligent, want the people in this society who are divergent dead. A divergent person means that you would fit in in more than one faction. Throughout the book, the Erudite try many different simulations on the main character Tris to try to understand Divergent people more. When they were done, the plan was to kill her and the Divergent. Right before when Tris was suppose to be executed, she escapes back to her faction which is Daunless, the brave. The Dauntless form an alliance with the factionless, which are the people who refuse to be in a faction. They plan a war with the Erudite. At the last minute, Tris decides to let the Erudite know what's going on because she's suspicious about what the factionless want. She thinks that they just want there to be no factions whereas the Dauntless just want everything to go back to normal. A lot more action happens and the book ends with a cliff hanger for the third book. I think this book had a lot going on, but it was still really great and not a let down sequel at all. I really enjoyed it just as much as the first book.

Insurgent By: Veronia Roth

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A quote from Insurgent

"One choice is a sacrifice, a sacrifice is a loss, a loss is a burden, a burden is a battle, one choice can destroy you."

Something I found interesting about Insurgent

What I thought was really interesting about the book was, how well the author describes why the society the characters live in in the book would be the way it is. At first thought of there being people living in factions based on what they believe is the most important trait, you'd think that that seems so unrealistic. The author explains it so well in the book that you understand why society could be that way in the future.