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2019-2020 Tournament schedule:

10/19/19- Plano East SHS
12/14/19- Haggard M.S.
3/21/20- Vines H.S.
4/25/20- Shepton HS


Speech Team Google Site


Speech Team Google Classroom Code: dt3d8p3

You can also follow us on Twitter at RiceMSSpeech or Instagram at rmsspeech

Directions to sign up for remind are below!


Meetings will take place on scheduled Wednesdays after school until 5:30pm and will be announced through the Speech Team Classroom.

After school practice

Students may stay after school on Wednesdays until 5:30pm in order to rehearse their events for tournament. Students are expected to stay in Ms. Petropoulos's room and may not roam the halls or go into classrooms without permission. Students not using their time wisely will be asked to leave.

Tournament Events

A pattern: Public Forum Debate, Poetry, Dramatic Interpretation, Lip Sync, Congress

B Pattern: Oratory, Humorous Interpretation, Reader's Theatre, Musical Pantomime

C Pattern: Extemp, Prose, Duet Acting, Storytelling (6th graders only)

You can read about each event and their rules on our speech team site.

How does a tournament work?

Tournaments are all day....literally all day...you won't be able to do anything else that day.

There are 3 rounds for each event: prelims, semis and finals.

Your goal is to break out of each round and make it to finals (and hopefully place!)

Students may enter up to two events per pattern (except extemp, congress and public forum debate)

Wait, how do the sections work???

  • Each room or section has a either one judge (prelims) or a panel of judges (semis and finals)
  • The judge evaluates each performance and fills out a ballot for each competitor
  • The room is ranked in order of what the judge preferred

So, who advances?

  • The top 1-3 competitors in a prelims section (depending on the size of the event) advance to semis.
  • The top 2 in each semis round advance to finals.
  • The top 3 finalists are awarded trophies.

How do they decide what school wins the tournament?

  • Sweeps points are earned whenever students from your school advance to the next round and/or win a debate.
  • Debate win=2 pts. Semis=5 pts.
  • 1st Place=25 pts. 2nd Place=20 pts. 3rd Place=15 pts. 4-6 Place=10 pts.
  • The top 3 schools are awarded trophies.

Okay, I wanna do this....this is definitely for me....what do I do now?

Hop on over to the speech team site and click on Join the Team to fill out the google registration form


You can also find A LOT more important information on our site.

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I registered, now what?

You will be notified that registration for a tournament is open through google classroom, you will not be signed up for an event before registration opens. Registration for tournament will be completed through a google form that will be available on classroom.

Our team is only allowed 10 entries per event, per tournament.

Tournament Spots are Limited

Rice will be allowed to enter only 10 people/teams per event. First choice for all spots go to students in tournament prep (Advanced Oral Interp) and the debate classes. Whatever spots are not filled by those students will be opened to other students on a first come, first served basis. You will be notified of your opportunity to register for a tournament through google classroom so check it often. Please do not be surprised if you do not see the event you want as an option for tournament registration, that means it was filled by students in Ms.Petropoulos's class.

Can I start preparing now?

Wow, what a great question! You are my favorite kind of person....one who takes the initiative and starts preparing for tournament in advance. It's a great idea to start familiarizing yourself with the events and rules and checking out the recommended pieces on our google site. Please don't expect me to provide you with a partner or group members. That is your responsibility. Start talking to people and planning your events and rehearsals for tournament NOW! Tournaments are very competitive and you will do well if you prepare!

Do I have to get my piece approved for tournament?

Yes! I must see your performance prior to a tournament. Come to our speech meetings and I will watch and critique your piece. Come and watch other students who have been to tournament and learn from them.

We Love 6th graders!

You may compete in any event you choose, but understand that you will be going up against older students with more experience. It is a fantastic learning experience and makes you a better performer. If competing against older kids isn't your thing, Storytelling is an event offered only to 6th graders in an effort to provide an event where the competition isn't so tough for our youngest team members. I also recommend musical pantomime as a great event for first year competitors.

My parents and I need help remembering stuff....can you help?

I am so glad you asked!

I will be using www.remind.com to send out reminder texts for pertinent information regarding tournaments and meetings that come up during the school year. If you and your parents would like to receive these messages please follow the following instructions. Please make sure that you are entering the correct code!

To receive notifications by text:

1. Send a text to this number: 81010

2. With this code in the message box: @ricespeech

To receive notifications by email:

1. Send an email to ricespeech@mail.remind.com.

2. To unsubscribe, reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

Anything else?

  • It is very important to read over your event rules (otherwise you could be disqualified)
  • You have a 30 second "grace period" should you go over your time
  • Ballots will be handed out the Monday following the tournament
  • Do not enter a room if a judge is not present
  • Inform the judge in both rooms that you are cross-entered (competing in two events within one pattern
  • Tournaments are closed campus events for students safety, parents will only be allowed to attend the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the tournament.
  • Conduct yourself professionally
  • Don't leave early...go and watch events and learn!

Pick Up after Tournament

Students must have their ride waiting at the school no later than 6:30 P.M. following a speech tournament. Students who get picked up late will not be allowed to compete at the next tournament and are subject to removal from the club.

Late Drop Fees

If you drop an event the week of the tournament, you will need to pay a late drop fee to cover the penalties Ms. Petropoulos has to pay to the host school. This amount is $5.00 for a single event and $10.00 for a partner/group event. Please be courteous to let Ms. P know of any changes so our team does not "waste" an entry.