International Space Station

Astronaut living and work space

What Is The International Space Station?

The International Space Station or ISS is a satellite where people live and work. It orbits about 220 miles above Earth , weighing roughly a million pounds. There were 16 nations involved in the building of the ISS. They were Belgium , Canada , Denmark , France , Germany , Great Britain , Italy , Japan , the Netherlands , Norway , Russia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , and the U.S and Brazil signed on a few months earlier.

The Purpose For The ISS

The main purpose the ISS was built was so scientific research could be carried out in space. Some experiments are about how space effects our planet and it's habitants. Scientists are trying to find ways to make new medicines and ways to control disease , like cancer. They are also monitored to see how living in a microgravity environment effects their health and fitness levels over a long period of time.

Living Aboard The ISS

Due to having no gravity people and objects float around if there not secured. The body feels weightless and can cause damage to your body , calcium in bones aren't as strong , organs like the heart , kidney , and stomach float up against the rib cage. Each astronaut has to go through three hours a day of conditioning and exercise to remain healthy.