Seasonal Affective Disorder

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What is S.A.D

Seasonal Affective Disorder is similar to depression but relativity different. This effects and consumes numerous amounts of people in America.

How does it affect the person?

Mainly this disorder is a different version of depression because they all ways get mixed. Mostly women are affected by this common disorder. Mainly found in women 18-30.

Other Names for this disorder

1.SAD 2.Depression

Frequently asked questions

Why are so many people affected by this disorder? What caused this to happen? What can we do to stop this? Is there other ways to solve this issue?

Signs and Symptoms

Signs- changes in eating, less time socializing, tough time concentrating in class. Symptoms- mood changes, lack of enjoyment, low energy, tired.

How is it diagnosed?

Doctors and mental health professionals. Tiredness, fatigue and low energy are all diagnoses of the disorder. Doctors test you and evaluate you to see any physical changes in you're behavior and mood.

How is it treated?

  • Increased light exposure
  • Iight therapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Medication
  • Friend in need
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