Save the cheetah


About the Cheetah

The Cheetah is a mammal located mostly in the grasslands of Eastern Africa. The Cheetah has the ability to reach shocking speeds of 60 m.p.h in 3 seconds !!! The Cheetah's main food is Antelopes. Antelopes are getting eaten by other animals which are causing cheetahs to hunt for different food. Lets save this endangered specie.
Mother Cheetah with 3 cubs under the rain - Masai Mara - Short Video - Part 3


The Cheetah is best known for living in the grasslands of Eastern Africa. However, with its loss of habitat the cheetah might have to find new places to stay. In Namibia they are making a conservation to help save the cheetah. So please volunteer to help save this mammal.


Help us Save the Cheetah!

The Cheetah is a very useful mamal and helps us in many ways. To continue its legacy help out at the Namibia Conservation. The Cheetah needs us !