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Blackbird and Shay Elementary

Welcome Back! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful holiday and are looking forward to the start of the new school year!

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Soccer Options for Grades 3 and 4

I hope that this finds everyone well! Spring soccer registration is open! Fingers crossed that we will be able to play:)

Registration for the Spring 2020 soccer season is now open! Registration will close February 15, 2021. Follow the link below to register. Scholarships are available- inquire as needed. For those that have played in the past please log in to your existing account- DO NOT create a new one or a "Family" account as it causes issues with your registration.
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Counselor Corner

This week

Welcome back and Happy 2021! In this week's class lessons we talked about resolutions (goals) and how to set goals including steps to set oneself up for success.

K-1 read Squirrel's New Year's Resolution and 2-4 learned about SMART goals. Some students said their goal was to do chores before they were asked.....

I would love to hear any feedback on if you see that happening!

Next week

In coordination with our PBIS program, we will have classroom lessons focused on problem solving and resolving conflict.

Wish list-Water bottles and glitter glue

Before break I was able to work with Mrs. Holzschu during PE as we learned about mindful movements-breathing, strength and balance, self-control and rest-helping bridge connections between our minds and bodies.

To continue to learn more skills to help regulate our emotions, during the 3rd week in January, I will be working with Mrs. Coveyou to help every student K-4 created a sensory calm down bottle. I am hoping next week every student could bring in a plastic water bottle to use. Also I would appreciate and donations of glitter glue, clear glue and/or glitter if you are clearing out any craft supplies!

Thank you!

Joelle Drader, Elementary school counselor


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