What is a cigarette?

Cigarettes are legal, addictive "drugs" that you smoke. They are made up of finely cut tobacco, approximately 600 different poisons, and rolled in thin paper so they can be smoked easily.

Poisons in a cigarette

In every cigarette there are approximately 600 poisons. When the cigarette is smoked it releases more then 4,000 other poisons. At least 50 of these poisons are know to cause cancer. Some of these include acetone, ammonia, butane, benzene, carbon monoxide, and tar.

Side effects of smoking

  • You can get many different forms of cancer. Such as throat, mouth, lung, and gum.
  • Your circulation decreases.
  • You easily become addicted.
  • You can get emphysema which is enlarged air sacs of the lungs and it causes hard of breathing.
  • Also you can get chronic bronchitis which is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and it causes coughing and soreness in the chest.
This Is Why You Shouldn't Smoke Cigarettes! (Woman Lost Teeth,Hair and got Throat Cancer)