Pony Tracks: Part DEUX!

Before Break Begins

Shut Down

  • Please remember to shut down and unplug all classroom technology and appliances.
  • Our Village People need to set their thermostats down.
  • If you come out over break, it might be cold or hot but there will be no internal cooling or heating except in the office area.
  • Please remember to turn-off/shut down/unplug anything you use during the break

Reading Camp is Coming with EXCITING CHANGES to Compensation

Camp Dates:

RtA Workshop/Teacher Work Days:

June 20th and 21st

Camp Dates:

June 25-28

July 9-12

July 16-19

Salary: Your daily rate of pay

  • Go to NCDPI Salary and look for your monthly pay rate. Divide by 22 (working days a month) and that will give you an IDEA of what your daily rate will be. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE for your information only but it gives you an idea of what you will be making for summer reading camp.
  • AND you will get a paycheck in June and in August!

Read to Achieve Elementary Camp Sites:

*Bell Fork

*Hunters Creek

*Carolina Forest

Dixon Elementary

Queens Creek




*Summer Feeding Hubs

Relax a Bit

Feel free to wear jeans for the remainder of this week. Shirts can be "teacher", Spring, Easter, or SWE! Put on those bunny ears and have a ball