Come To New England Colony!

We Dominate Trading!

About New England Colony.

We have many jobs available! Such as raising cattle, fishing, furs, lumber, whaling etc. Our economy is very rich. We trade rum, guns, gunpowder, cloths, tools and slaves.

Political Systems


We have a governor that directs colony affairs and enforces laws. We have a legislature and a upper house made up of advisors appointed by the governer. The lower house approves laws and protects citizens rights. We have town meetings to discuss on issues that we vote on. No other colony has town meetings. So your vote really does matter!


Landscape and Climate

Soil is terrible for farming, but the Native Americans helped us on how to farm it. We have Large amounts of trees and wild animals inside to hunt. We have many hills and coastlines, perfect for docking ships. Our weather is usually humid. But it is usually colder than the other colonies since its higher up North. But, this is a positive factor since it prevents spread of disease.


Pilgrims and Purists

Most people living in the New England colonies are Puritans and Pilgrims. Puritans are people that didn't want to abandon the idea of having an established church. Instead, they made it reformed it and introduced simpler forms of worship. Every Sunday was a holy day and work was not allowed, so it provided people to visit one another. Pilgrims are just ordinary people who wanted to escape under the tolerance of the established church.

Daily Life/Kids

Kids and School

Kids would go to grammar school to prepare them for college. The schools were supported by taxes the citizens had to pay. Teachers could be payed food. In the cold winters, the students were required to bring firewood. If the student forgot to bring the firewood, he or she would have to sit in a cold corner. Every Sunday was a holy day so people could socialize and visit each other.



There are many jobs available such as raising cattle, fishing, lumbering, selling furs, whaling, etc. Our economy is very rich since we dominate trading, we even sell slaves to the West Indies. We get our slaves from West Africa. The Colonial Trade or the Triangle Trade makes our economy strong. We sell West Africa rum, gunpowder, gunpowder and tools in exchange for slaves. We then sell those slaves to the West Indies.


Colonial Slave Trade

New England dominated the Colonial Trade. Their nick names were Yankees, they traded goods such as rum, guns, gunpowder, tools, cloths etc. For slaves in West Africa. New England used slaves minimally, we don't depend on them to make money, we just sold them to the West Indies mostly. We are known for leading the slave trade than any other American Colony.


Social Studies Book

How you can reach us

You can reach at our post office in Boston, Massachusetts if you decide to move to New England.