Is money the reason

Are financial the reason why kids don’t go to college

About me

My name is Tylen Wallace and i am a sophomore at Schlagle high school. I am a honor roll student. That is involved in many after school activities such as Football,baseball,basketball, and wrestling. And in two years i plan to go to college but I'm worried if i don't get a scholarship. I don't know if my parents are going to be able to pay for my college because of the cost.

What dose it do to our economy

In todays world the attends of colleges around the world have dropped. And since the number of students that are not going to college is decreasing. The number of jobs are going up and some time the jobs are not fill because there is no one qualified to fit the position. So they have to put some one that has not had to experience have the job and that cost the job more money which makes the our economy price go up.

Reasons why kids don't go to college

Studies show kids are picking professions that don't involves going to college. They are also saying that the price for college has gone up and they can't afford to go. And when they do go when there Finnish they are in so much debt that they can come back from. The last reason why is kids are saying that college is not for them and its to hard.

The middle class

Only 40% of middle-class college entrants who were high school seniors in 2004 had secured bachelor's degrees by 2012, according to the Department of Education.
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when asked is money the reason kids don't go to college 75% said no 16.7% said yes and 8.3% said others reasons