Maslow's Chart Research

The systems of motivation.

Self Actualization

A person that haves a meaning of life that is greatly important to them.

  • A constant state of becoming perfect.
  • The realization of your full potential.
  • A burning desire to fulfill one self.

Physiological Needs

Necessities of human survival.

  • Air
  • Food
  • Warmth
  • Sleep

Safety Needs

The protection of your necessities.

  • Protection from elements
  • Law
  • Stability
  • Order

Fun Facts Frenzy!

  1. Abraham Maslow didn't problematic behavioral issues, therefore he seeks out positive affecting requirements for human happiness.
  2. As you go upward toward the chart, the complexity of it increase.
  3. Many criticize his chart for the lack of it evidence of the Maslow's chart being in hierarchical order.
  4. He come up with the theory by his observation on monkeys.
  5. Maslow was reality-centered, with means his ability to differentiate between realism and fake is high.

Back to the needs we go!


Love and Ability To Fit In a Specific Environment.

The feeling of being accepted and deeply cared for.

  • Friendship
  • Affection
  • Intimacy

Esteem Needs

The withholding of a respectable status from you and others.

  • Mastery
  • Achievement
  • Prestige
  • Honor

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