Northeast Region

By: Caleb, Chase, Lucas, Nathan


In the Northeast Region, people eat food such as clam chowder, crab cakes and lobster. They mostly eat seafood because they are among the regions favorite foods. Also they have a lot of oceans so they fish a lot. Two of the most popular sports were invented in the Northeast Region. The sports are, basketball and volleyball. Its amazing to hear that there are millions of immigrants that settled in this region!


Many tourists visit the Northeast Region because of our wonderful landmarks! For example, people visit Hershey Park, the Statue of Liberty, Independent Hall and the Liberty

Bell. This is why the Northeast Region is a popular place to visit!


The Northeast Region is about halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. So the climate is very different due to this. Winters are very bitter and cold but summer is hot and flaming. Also, there are leafy colorful Autumns! People have to live with this climate and adapt just like animals or maybe even plants!

Products and Natural Resources

The Northeast Region has many forests. Logging is an important industry there too. Some of the resources come from the underground like granite and marble. These resources are critical for the people's survival. There's also maple syrup. This product comes from trees.

Land and Water

The Northeast Region has broad valleys, rolling hills, and low mountains. The Appalachian Mountains are one of the mountain ranges in the Northeast. Water is a natural resource that is almost everywhere. We use it for recreation and drinking. There's also the Erie Canal which was for transportation.