Africa Fakebook Assignment

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Project Instructions

Re-read this information BEFORE you turn your project in. Make sure you have completed all steps!

Task Details: Using the website: to create your “fakebook” page. Your “fakebook” page must include at the minimum all of the following. To get a 4 you must include additional information or creativity that enhances your page.

1) Personal Information Box: birthdate, birthplace, education, marriage status

2) Country Statistics Box: Country Name, Unemployment Rate, Population Growth Rate, GDP, Population, Median Age, Literacy Rate

3) Pictures of My Country Box: At least 6 pictures that show the landscape and conditions in your country.

4) Pictures of My Issues Box: At least 4 pictures that illustrate the issues going on in your country.

5) Wall:

A. At least six posts from your political leader describing issues in his country and how he plans to fix them.

B. At least two personal posts from your leader supporting something or someone. Remember, politicians use Facebook to gain support and followers so make sure that you are “political” about what you are posting.

C. Posts from three people talking about your leader and his country. These can be positive or negative. These posts can be questions, complaints or compliments.

6) In a larger post- Current Issues: Answer the following question in 2-3 paragraphs

What issues are currently facing this country and what do you see as possible solutions to those issues?

7) Photos of Me: At least 6 pictures of your leader. Can you find pictures that illustrate his lifestyle and send a message?

Submit your website here:

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