Cyber Bullying

How It Happens && How To Prevent It.?!

What Is Cyber Bullying.?!

What Is Cyber Bullying You Asked.?! Cyber Bullying Is Basically A Person Or People Who Doesn't Have A Life && Get On The Internet And Bullys A Defensive Kid Or Adult Or They Harass Them Over The Internet NOT To The Face. . . .
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Here's Some Tips About Cyberbullying.!

Don't Try To Get Back At The Bully Because YOu May Get In Same Amount Of Trouble. .

Don't Respond If someone Tries To Talk about You Or Harass You. .

Save The Evidence

Talk To A Trusted Adult

Block The Bully Soo It Can't Get On Hold Of You

Never Give Up

Anti-Bullying Awareness
I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor Cover) - Song that gave me courage to stop cyber bullying.