Why Translation Matters

Building Inclusive School Communication Practices

¿Qué tal? 你好 . Привет. Bonjour. السلام عليكم. Hujambo.

English Language Learners are the fastest growing student population group. How do we ensure that ELL students, and by extension their families, feel welcome, appreciated for their origin culture, and included in the goings-on at school? This template aims to help you do just that!

Communicate in Families' Home Languages

The Importance of Supporting a Student's Home Language

Our tendency is to understand a child's home language as potentially detrimental to their language development in English. Research says otherwise -- read this fascinating article to learn more!

Use Smore's Translation Feature (Pro, Premium & Team accounts only)

In Addition to Smore, Try These 10 Strategies

Using Smore's translation features is a great start to communicating with families in their home languages. Why not take it a step further? This article details simple strategies to ensure that your school keeps ELL families in the loop.

Make Sure Students & Families Feel Comfortable

Welcoming Families of Different Languages

How do we shift our practices to work with parents who are from a different culture or background? This post from Scholastic offers some great tips. It's geared toward early childhood, but is easily adaptable to any age.

Listen to a Principal Share How He Uses Smore's Translation Feature to Build School Culture

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Use Smore's Translation Feature for Many Types of Updates

  • Create a Report Card or Parent Conference Template
  • Send out Save-the-Date & Event Flyers
  • Have the Guidance Counselor create an IEP Template
  • Send a Weekly Principal Update
  • Send Classroom Updates
  • Create a template for athletic schedules/try-outs/practices/games/forms
  • Look for ways that families might not be able to access information due to a language barrier, and use Smore flexibly to accommodate those needs.

Smore ❤️ Families from Around the World

Do you have an idea for a template that would be helpful for you or your school? Reach out to our Resident Educator, Kara, at the email address below.