Aid the food crisis

Ciara judge, Emer hickey,Sophie healy

How it started

three teens all friends whom live in Ireland were at school and were coincidentally learning about the food crisis and a certain bacteria that helps plants grow faster and in abundance.They decided to implement it in agriculture productivity and slowly stop world hunger.They found nubs on plants that seem dangerous but in reality were very helpful to the plants growth.So they wondered why this isn't in plants such as grains,oats and other plants which are integral to our food supply.So they all went to work by infusing the bacteria into seeds .After months of of study and research they found that the plants grew twice as fast in size in half the time it normally would of taken ,they also increased in mass growth by 70% .Hunger threatens about ten million people in east Africa annually.(this is what inspired them to make a difference and help feed the hungry)

how they were awarded for their success

All the girls are considering careers in biological sciences and all three girls were awarded a scholarship for 50,000$ each and a 10,000$ grant for school


What is a hero?

A hero is someone who fights for what is right and puts words to actions to help solve a problems,they put others needs ahead of theirs.they are all considered heroes because they saw people going hungry and they decided to do something about it by finding a way to grow food faster so they could transport it in a faster time.