November 11th AMSHS Weekly Update

Building independent lifelong learners.

Principal's Corner

Hello Warrior Family!

I went to watch AMS teams play in the King City tournament Thursday night. Both teams played hard and worked well together but what also caught my attention, and really made me smile, were the cheerleaders and student spectators. They cheered their classmates on respectfully and it was apparent by watching them that they were invested in the game.

What a great example our students set for one another and we get to model this mindset while cheering each other on. We get to remember that the success at AMSHS benefits each individual student.

The Veteran's Day Assembly yesterday was another great example of how our community comes together to honor and remember those who serve our country. We appreciate the sacrifice of our local Veterans and the example of citizenship and selflessness they set for us.

Every day I walk the halls and see learning in each room at AMSHS, I am reminded of their bravery and sacrifice which allows us to have the rights and privileges' we hold dear.

We each have a part to play so our school and community can continue to grow and thrive. We get to cheer loud and proud just like our students do for one another. We get to honor our Veterans with our actions as we show kindness and serve with our unique strengths, talents, and abilities.

This week was a great reminder of what makes our community special. Thank you to all who believe in the mission of Albany R-3 School District and model Warrior Pride.


Mrs. Barbara Terry

Middle School/ High School Principal

Albany R-3 School District

Counselor's Corner

Hey Warriors!


It’s been a great week. Our junior students took the ASVAB test this week. We also already have 15 student shout outs for the character trait of Citizenship and we are barely into November! We are so proud of our students. Keep up the good work.


There have been many seniors applying for admission to college, completing the FAFSA and filling out scholarships! I am super proud of them and so excited to see what their futures hold. If anyone needs assistance applying for colleges or technical schools, they are always welcome to visit me. Students also have the opportunity to visit three postsecondary institutions on a school day for an excused absence. They will need to pick up a form from me and turn in it within two days prior to their visit. Then, the form will go with them and be signed by an official from the institute.

The Grace scholarship application is due Dec 16th. If there is a student who needs another application, I have more in my office.

If there are any students who still need to fill out the FAFSA, here is a link to the website.

Next Week:

If anyone is interested in speaking with Vocational Rehab, a representative will be at school from 9am to 12pm on November 16th. Students may visit with the representative if they think they may be eligible for vocational rehab services.

Kristyn Carlock
MS/HS Counselor
Albany School District

Please help us keep our gym and school clean by disposing of your trash properly at ballgames.

Important Information About Student Academics

Attendance letters for Monday School were mailed home this week. Students who do not have a high enough attendance are required to attend Monday School to receive credit. We will have two 4 hour blocks of Monday school on 11/14, 11/28, 12/5, and 12/12. Students must sign up to attend. Parents can call the office for more information and to scheduling.

Attendance is an important part of academic success. We require 90% attendance to be eligible but there is an appeals process if something unforeseen were to occur. Letters were sent home today for students who are not eligible because of attendance. For more information on this, please talk to your child's coach or call the office.

The following dates 1st semester. You will be notified if there are concerns. There are tutoring options available. If you have any questions about grades, please contact your child's teacher.

November 25th

December 9th and 21st

Students who have more than 3 missing assignments could serve lunch detention so they can work on missing assignments.

Per our handbook policy, after the 6th tardy, students will serve an after school detention. Please see the disciplinary section of the handbook for more information about our tardy policy.

Tardy letters were given to students with excessive tardies. We did not enforce tardy policies firmly 1st Quarter so the students could have time to adjust, but we will 2nd Quarter. Please see the handbook for more information on our tardy policy and disciplinary action.

Important Upcoming Dates

11/14 Monday School

11/15 NHS Meeting at Claire Manring's House

11/18 EOC/MAP Party


11/21 School Board Meeting

11/21 Picture Make Up Day- Senior Proof Plan make Ups, Yearbook Groups, HS Basketball, Wrestling, and Cheer

11/23-11/25 Thanksgiving Break

11/25 AMSHS Grade Check

11/28 Monday School

11/28-12/3 Albany Tournament

12/5 Monday School

12/12 Monday School

Don't forget about weekly Friday 7AM Booster Club meetings at Deb's Diner

Albany Middle and High School (AMSHS)

At AMSHS, our students & staff collaborate to set goals, improve learning, and increase school pride by creating a positive school culture. Warrior students take ownership of their futures and become motivated, actively engaged citizens. The students and staff aspire to ensure a safe, secure, and inclusive environment in our community.