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October 13, 2016

HATS off to these third graders!

The HATS play was a tremendous success! Students had fun performing and worked very hard on their show! They did a great job!
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News from the Ranch!

What's going on in the Classroom?

Character Trait of the Month

The character trait this month is Responsible. Responsible means to do your part, as requested, every time. We will be reading books about responsibility and discussing how they pertain to our lives this month.

English Language Arts (ELA)

Reading -We are learning how to use the text to find out the meaning of new words. This is called "context clues".

Language & Spelling -We learned about compound words - two words stuck together. Compound words are easy to spell and to read if we separate the parts.

Writing - We wrote about responsibility....a time when we were irresponsible, and a time when we were responsible. One of these writings was selected for the Character Blue Ribbon Writing Party.


We are getting very good at subtracting three-digit numbers, and we learned how to check our subtraction by using addition. It's like magic! We will learn some strategies for subtracting across zero next week, and do some review of place value concepts before we take the Unit 1 test.

Social Studies

Once the colonies were free from Great Britain, they needed a set of rules and laws to follow. That's why the Constitution of the United States was written! This week we focused on the parts of the Constitution- including the preamble, the articles, and the amendments. Next week we will focus on the three branches of government.

Lasso Learning!

A Look Ahead

October 14 - Fall Festival 5:30 - 8pm

October 14 - Fun(d) Run 9:45am

October 17 - Flu Shot Clinic for Students

October 18 - End of 1st Quarter

October 20 - Parent-teacher Conferences/Book Fair 3:00 - 7pm

October 24 - Parent-teacher Conferences/Book Fair 3:00 - 7pm

October 27 - Fall Party - Fulton Bowling Center 1:00pm

October 28 - No School!

November 6 - Daylight Savings Time Ends - Set Clocks Back One Hour

November 9 - Early Release 1pm

November 11 - Munchies with Mom - 7am - gym

November 11 - Veteran's Day assembly - TBD

Order Scholastic Books online Here

If you would like to order from the book order online, our class code is H636Y.

Round up!

Weekly Work Routines

In 3rd grade, students are able to earn a Brag Tag for reading called the Reading Circle Brag Tag. In order to earn this, they need to read 16 books at their individual lexile range, and pass the Reading Counts quiz. While I don't require all students to have this goal of earning the Brag Tags, I do expect each student to read and quiz on books on his/her individual lexile range.

As part of their quarterly reading grade, I take each student's average Reading Counts quiz score as a grade. Books students read at home can also be quizzed on at school. I feel taking an average grade on quiz scores is an accurate measure of comprehension for each student's progress. Please encourage your child to check out books in their lexile ranges and take the quiz; the goal for 3rd grade is about a (small) chapter book a week.

Each week, students have a homework sheet that goes home on Mondays. This sheet includes their weekly spelling words and reading log and PROBLEM OF THE WEEK! I ask that students study their words daily and work on reading for 20 minutes. If you are busy one problem! Just have them catch up the next few days. This sheet is turned in on Fridays each week. As the year progresses, the assignments/minutes will change, but the routine of assigned-on-Monday-due-on-Friday stays the same. Brag tags are given at quarterly assemblies for students meeting homework goals.

On Friday, students take a quiz over their spelling words and math box sheets that come home each day in their folders. A good habit for them to get into is to correct assignments that come home and review them with you. Correcting work builds their confidence and helps them to study....they will see problems like those again throughout the year!