Brian's winter

by: Gary paulson


Brian's winter is about hatchet but Brian never got saved. Brian has to adapt to the cold in order to survive through the winter. Brian also has to change his hunting tactics because he is seeing larger meals and better clothes in his future. Brian starts liking the woods because they are becoming the only thing he knows. The book is also about exploding trees and a vicious wolves

Brian is in the Alaskin wilderness

most of the book takes place on the L-shaped lake. Sometimes it takes place in the woods when Brian is hunting or exploring.

Gary paulson

Gary paulson is 73 years old and lives in Minneapolis. Gary Paulson wrote the Hatchet series because he ran away from home at 14 and moved to the woods.


Brian Robeson- main character

Dave- he is another main character and save Brian

Family- they are the family of Dave

Related info

Brian's winter is a sequel to hatchet and how Brian wasn't saved by the plane.

The River is about Brian going back to the woods.

I Do Recommend

I liked the book because it had alot of detail so you knew what was happening and how it happened