Benjamin Britten

20th century (modern)

Benjamin Britten: King of Operas

Benjamin Britten is a worthy composer to study because his father was a dentist and his mother was an amateur singer. With his parents having nothing to do with instrumental music, I find it fascinating that he became a famous composer. I also think he's a worthy composer to study because made many operas. Some of operas he wrote was Billy Bud, Peter Grimes, and The turn of the Screw. I can relate this in my life because none of my parents specialize in computers, but I can solve any computer problem. This is like Benjamin Britten because none of his parents were composers of an opera. If I was Benjamin Britten I would do everything like what he did about composing operas and instrumental music.

Important Conributions

- Composed Billy Budd

- He composed Peter Grimes

- showed the world you can be good at something without your Ancestors being good at it

- Composed many operas

- Composed War Requiem which was a chorus and opera


"If wind and water could write music, it would sound like Ben's." Yehudi Menuhin, violinist and conductor, describing Benjamin Britten's music.

Fun Fact

He played the piano and violin.
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