Pakistan outbreak

What really happened

A War broke out in Pakistan the Bengali proclaim freedom to be independent,but in the Capitol city of Dacca many are fleeing because they fear for there lives.Before we dive into the lives of the Bengali and Pakistan people we to know a little about them first.In both countries people are respected based upon there age and title.Both countries believe in a strong tradition of music,dance,and literature.Both have holidays based on their beliefs weekly.

What happened to the citizens?

The numbers were catastrophic about 3million Bangladesh are lost,26,000 Pakistan,and 1-1.5 million were other. Pakistan went on a killing spree of the Bengali people causing a genocide.This left family's lost,love ones gone,it tore the nation.Due to the mass killing after a week people were fleeing.The upcoming generations are going to be left confused about there countries history will they learn from the past who know only time can tell.

More about the war

March 26 ,1971 marked the beginning of the war the continued until December 16,1971 in the Indian subcontinent.The results were surprising it was the surrender of Pakistan that ended the war thus creating Bangladesh.The war may not have been for very long but It does have long term effects.

What caused the war?

There was already a religious divide causing tension,majority of Pakistan practices Islam and Bangladesh is Muslim and Hindu.Both countries were very proud and serious about there beliefs that what causes tension.