Senior Biostatistician Needed

Shonesky Medical Company, Pittsburgh PA

Job Description

The biostatistician position entails the biostatistician to apply their knowledge of math and science, specifically statistics, to answer important questions regarding our research in health care.  This job offers the oppurtunity to work alongside researchers and to gather and analyze data pertaining to important medical questions of todays world.  Job duties include using statistical software to turn data into useful information.  Standard statistical procedures and terms will be used to help researchers develop meaningful conclusions.  This job entails cleaning up imperfect data sets to make them useful to researchers.  This is a fun and exciting job and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping out in the medical field.  This job offers variety that you will not see with statistician positions offered by other companies!

Education Requirements

Pay Scale (Cause its all about the money, right?!?)

Annual salary as a biostatistician at Shonesky Medical ranges from $40,000-$120,000.  The pay range is based on job performance, work ethic, committment to the company, reliability, and tenure.

Job Oppurtunity

This job gives the worker the oppuntunity to make a difference in peoples lives.  Our research team and statisticians collaborate and make innovative discoveries regarding the medical field.  This job gives the opportunity to work with the latest statistical technology, as well as some of the best researchers in the world.  With dedication and hard work, the biostatisician  will have the opportunity to move into a senior advisor or even a high management position within the company.  The oppuntunities are endless here at Shonesky Medical.