Get New Books to Read Over Vacation

Join our book swap! Everyone from Kindergarten to Staff!

Book Swap!

Who doesn't have books that have been read and that are hanging around collecting dust? Bring those books in and swap them out for some new reads! Everyone, from Kindergarten through Grade 5, and Staff, too, can leave for vacation with a new book!

How? Every day this week, bring your books into the library. We will sort them into K-2, 3-5, and Grownups.

On Monday, December 17th between 9am-11am, kindergarten and grades 1 and 2 may come to the library to pick out a new book.

On Tuesday, December 18th between 9am-11am, grades 3-5 may come to pick out a new book.

Staff may come any time next week to make a choice.

Note: If we have a huge response we may invite students for another visit.

Thank you. Hope to see you in the Library!