IWB iPevo Teacher Challenges

Practice a new skill each week with your iPevo Wireless IWB.

Level One

1. Install Software and Configure the Wireless iPevo Pen

IPEVO Overview Scroll below the purchasing information to view background information.

Download the software Select the version that suits your workstation.

Calibrate your IWB System - this a partner activity. Grab a buddy and get set!

*Plan on 30 minutes from start to finish for this.

2. Use the pen as a mouse in Desktop Mode

Once your device is calibrated, get comfortable using Desktop Mode. Use the pen as a mouse to interact with your favorite interactive websites.

Choose a different interactive activity for each day of the week.

Interactives - A huge collection organized by topic

Sheppard Software - Interactive games organized by content and grade level

ClassFlow - (formerly Promethean Planet) Create a free login, then be sure to download the flipcharts to use with your IPEVO Pen.