Career Pathway- Human Services

Description and Responsibility

  • Provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and develop
  • May include transportation feeding and definitely keeping safe
  • Also may include household housekeeping tasks and chores

Salary Range

Depends on where family lives, live-in or live-out, the schedule. Though usually around $18 or more...

Geographical Limitations of Career

If parents are not reliable and do not show up on time you run a risk of not leaving for hours

Training/Education Required

No degree (associates recommended), CPR and first aid commonly required, experience varies with family

Ongoing Training?

Just always work towards getting more experience

Skills Required

  • strong communication and instructional skills
  • patience
  • stamina (high energy children)

Opportunities for Advancement

you could go from being a live out to a live in nanny

Professional Organizations

APNA- Association of Premier Nanny Agencies

Working Conditions

  1. cannot work for more than one family
  2. cannot work under any conditions other than what's described
  3. cannot care for individuals not designated on application
  4. cannot work for an health agency, day care or foster care

Advantages of Occupation

  1. more relaxed then other care options
  2. partner with parents in raising
  3. promised commitment for at least a year

Disadvantages of Occupation

  1. discipline issues
  2. disrespect
  3. responsibility with accidents and injuries

Outlook for Occupation

Total employed in Missouri are 13020

Job Satisfaction

differs a lot with social responsibility

Type of Personality

  1. patient
  2. kind
  3. playful
  4. energetic
  5. responsible

High School Classes

child development preschool, parenting, psychology


I would be interested in pursuing this career starting out while I am in school because of what I found out in this project.

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