By: Emma Clayton

Main character

Mika lives in future London behind The Wall that seperates the animals that carry the plague. Or so they've been told. Ever since his twins sisters disapearence, Mika has noticed some things changing. Mika feels as if there's a secret that nobody knows about. He knows his sister is alive by the way he still feels her presence, but his parents just think he's insane and know for sure that she's dead.

Character Description

Mika is your average 12 year old boy, shy, weird,only a few friends, and he's poor and eats mold off of the factories that are formed into what looks like real food because real food is to expensive. He's quite different from all the other kids. He somehow knows that the main people are hiding something from everyone, but he just can't put his finger on it.

3 items on vacation

I think Mika would probably take the animal pictures that Ellie, his twin sister used to keep because he feels as if she's with him.
Mika would also probably take his partner Audrey because he really likes her.
I think Mika would also take his family, because all he wanted was to make them happy.
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