Order of Operations

By Ella Angel


In the Order of Operation you use PEMDAS to figure out your equation. The P stands for Parentheses, since the P comes first in PEMDAS do the Parentheses first. Next, do Exponents, for the E. Then, do any Multiplying or Dividing for the M and D, if there is both do what comes first going left to right. Lastly, do any Addition or Subtraction for the A and the S, same with this if there is both or more than one do what comes first going left to right. Congratulations! You now know PEMDAS.

Time for a Example!


Let's start with a equation: 8x(9+17)-9+21

If we are following PEMDAS, we have to do the Parentheses


Now the problem looks like this: 8x26-9+21

Since there are no Exponents go to the Multiplication or Division.

For the Multiplication part in the problem we now multiply 8x26=208.

Now the problem looks like this: 208-9+21

If you are following PEMDAS, Addition and Subtraction is next in left to right order.

In this problem in left to right subtracting 9 from 208 is next, 208-9=199.

Now the problem is 199+21.

There is only one more thing you have to do in this equation is simple Adding, 199+21=220.

Now you know how to solve a problem and use PEMDAS!