Book of the Quarter 4



In 1889, nintendo was started by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto. In 1889 Fusajiro created the nintendo playing cards. They were very popular. Eventually (couldn’t find time) they asked disney and started to use disney characters in their cards. Around the 1970s they got into video games and the first nintendo system was born, and they got better from there when there mascot Mario was invented everybody loved the nintendo gaming system. Then came the super nintendo, then the nintendo 64, then the gamecube, then the wii, then the wiiU.


Nintendo started to become famous when the Hanafuda Cards came out. They were pretty small at first, then when they came out with the nintendo and Mario everybody wanted to buy the system and it went from there.They now are very popular and awesome.


They created their product for entertainment and of course money$. Now because of them there are a lot of family games for people to play. Now people play games every day. Now every day people want games. I don’t know if they donated to charities or not. Life would be pretty dull without this product. They now are using 3D programs like the 3Ds.


The Nintendo system was one of the top hits. It changed every day lives now lots of people play games. I don’t know how many were sold too many to count. The nintendo system made there company rich.

Influential Person

Fusajiro Yamauchi started the company. They inspired many companies for games and gaming systems