Journey and Molly

Energy Changes Form

The kinds of energy and how it changes. When you go fast you have kinetic energy because you are moving. Picture something rolling down a hill, then it has potential energy.


What is a model:

A model is something that represent an object


The Flow of Energy

In an ecosystem, energy changes from as it passes from the sun through living things. In the animal's body some of the chemical energy from the plant changes into heat. This is how energy transfers to something.

Electricity and Circuits

How electricity flows through circuits and different circuits.

Circuit: Is a path that electricity can flow through.
Series: In a series circuit, electricity can fallow more than one path.
Parallel: In a parallel circuit, electricity can flow through more than one path.


1. A cow eats some grass, what kind of electircity does the grass transfer to the cow?
2. A radio plays some music. Which energy transfer is taking place?
3. Which pictures shows a complete parallel circuit?
4. What object will make the buzzer buzz?