Digital Citizenship

Your portrayal of yourself on the internet has consequences

Digital Conversation

If you have a conversation online with somebody thinking that it is private you really should realize it might not be. If you post something on line and latter come to regret it there is know way to delete it. There also exist a double standard or a set or rules that is different for two groups of peoplewhen it comes to digital communication. People also creat a image of themselves online. A self image is the way you see your self.
Internet Privacy Issues

Think About you Future

Think about every thing you post before you post it because you never know who could be looking at your page. This is called you digital foot print. Future colleges and employers are starting to check peoples facebook pages before they hire you so they know what kind of person you are. So, always think before you post because there my be consequences or something that happens as a result of something else.

Your digital footprint

Your online identity

Digital Citizenship refers to a person you uses the internet reliquary and efficiently, You are a digital citizen if you are viewing this flyer. You've probably also dealt with digital media or data that is stored electronically. This can you anything for a song or picture on you phone to security film at a Walmart. As a digital citizen you should be aware of the fact that not all digital citizens are honesty and there are many fake accounts on Facebook and twitter. There may also be some citizens that have profiles that don't show their entire self, like a Facebook account that they use for work.

Self identity in an online world: pros & cons

Digital Citizenship