The Roar

Abbie Baze, Olivia Flores, Kinsey Ison


Everyone lived behind a wall. A while back, there was a diseases called the Animal Plague. Apparently, scientist had totally messed up there experiment and and animal got out eating everything in sight, including humans. So they killed every animal and living thing around the world and lived inside a wall. So, this family had twins named Mika and Ellie. Ellie had gotten stolen one night by Mal Gorman. Mal Gormans had told the parents that she died. Gorman had this evil plan to make a bring kids to go to war over the wall. He made all the kids fit and and buff for war. There was something different about a few kids though. Some of them were mutants, so when they went to war and robot animals came to attack, they would see the mutants as animals. Now, for Mika to find his sister he had to enter this contest for a game. He gave prizes out to the winners, which were all mutant kids, so all the mutant kids were the head kids to go to war. They were in charge. The parents were really upset when they heard that there kid was going to war. Mika found his sister when he won the competition, but he wasnt able to tell his parents anything.


There were a lot of characters in the book but they main ones were:

  1. Mika
  2. Ellie
  3. Mal Gorman

Character Analysis


He was a very outgoing character. He was very strong about what he believed in. He was very depressed about Ellie's kidnapping, that wanted to search for her. He was very courageous and brave during the competition. He had almost given up, but his one determination was to find his sister, so he kept going, It was a challenging "game". Once he won the game he was amazed to see Ellie. He was bold with sunshine when he saw her. He seems like the boy to put up for a fight if it isn't his way.


She was kidnapped and kept with Gorman for a year and when she tried to escaped, it changed the tone of the book forever. She almost killed someone with her eyes and mind, so she started the story. She had the gut to do anything she wanted, but when she tried to kill someone, Gorman made sure that a guy with a gun followed her around every were she went. She was very feisty and wanted her way, especially if she was talking to Gorman. She didn't know want to do in the beginning of the book. She seemed like a very shy character, but she was competitive and a bit bratty.

Mal Gorman

He was a old, grumpy man who didn't care about everybody else. When he kidnapped Ellie he tried to "comfort" her by giving her things to do, but she hated him anyway. He so old that he was taking ever last pills, which make you make you live longer. He looked like a pile a bones floating in mid air with a thin layer of paper around him. He was evil and all he cared about was money. He seemed like the character that is very dumb with his money and pretty much spends it on whatever he wants and always gets his way because of his money.

Plot Line


  • Ellie was kidnapped
  • Everybody lived behind a wall and couldn't get out in London
  • MIka was upset about Ellie getting kidnapped
  • Town separated into rich and poor
  • Parents want Mika to get over it, don't understand him
  • Hellen is trying to help him through the problem (counselling)

Rising Action

  • Gorman starts a fitness business and makes a lot
  • Schools drink special drink, work out, and get an arcade to play Pod Fighters
  • Contest starts for the game Pod Fighters
  • Mika and Aubrey win first round
  • Won a vacation and went to next round
  • Mika got a piece of his leg chopped off
  • Parents didn't want him to go to next round
  • Went to new destination for next round
  • A lot of testing and scans to see who won
  • Mika and the rest of the mutants won the competition
  • got a new house for winning
  • Gorman sent out a message out that kids are going to war outside of the wall
  • A mob of people came and destroyed the houses
  • Mika had to get away from the house with Aubrey for safety
  • Mika had a talk Gorman and he said that he could see Ellie


Mika finally met his goal after all his struggles. He got to see Ellie!

Falling Action

They were literally glowing with joy when they saw each other. Since they are twins, it was like a magnetic had connected and found each other.


Gorman allowed them to go home for one night and talk all of it out with there parents.