How to Prevent Stress in ICT

Tips and advice on how to stop stress when using computers

Causes of Stress

Stress when using computers for long periods of time (such as in job) is very common as there are many factors which may cause a person to worry:

  • The Pace of Work (e.g. too much to do in too little time)
  • New Technology (people who are uncomfortable with such modern technology may feel that they cannot cope)
  • Badly Designed Software (software that may not be properly designed may be frustrating to use)
  • Technical Problems (e.g. losing work, viruses and other problems)

Preventing Stress

So, with that in mind, here are the very best ways in which you can dramatically reduce your stress levels when using computers:

  • Take regular breaks - this will help relax your mind and body
  • Pace your work - plan out what your are going to do so that you never have too much to do in a certain space of time, and still finish the work.
  • Take lessons - if you are uncertain with using new technology, take a class in how to use them as this will not only reduce stress, but also improve your efficiency.
  • Save your work - regularly saving your work and also saving your work on other devices will mean that if there is ever a technical problem such as a virus, you will not lose any work.
  • Check software - check that the software that you are using has been designed and does work properly, as this may become and vey large problem if not addressed.