All About Koalas

By: Lydia Klish

Do you want to learn about koalas? If you do, you have come to the right place. In All About Koalas you will learn lots of facts. You can find information about what they eat, their habitat, what they look like and information on baby koalas.


Koalas are particular eaters. They eat eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are poisonous. Koalas eat them and don’t get sick but most animals do. Koalas barely drink water. They look for food at night because they’re nocturnal.


Koalas have a specific habitat. They live in Australia in eucalyptus trees. They use their claws to mark their habitat. Male koalas share their habitat with female koalas. Most adult koalas live alone.

What Koalas Look Like

Koalas look like teddy bears. They have gray fur. They are 3 feet (9 meters) long. They weigh 14 to 20 pounds. Adult males have a brown spot on their white chest. Koalas have brown eyes that are round. Males are a little bigger than females.

Baby Koala

The first 2 years of a baby koala’s life is busy. First the baby koala is born in the summer or spring. A baby koala is called a joey. When it is born it looks kinda like a jelly bean. When they're born they can’t hear or see but they can smell and touch though. They have no teeth or hair yet. Their front legs are strong but their back legs are weak. When they drink they grab the teat with it’s mouth and drinks. The joey says on for about four months. They joey drinks the milk and it grows fast. Then it grows fur and it’s legs in the back start to grow stronger. The joey opens it’s eyes when it’s five months old. Then the mother koala gives the joey food called pap. Pap is eucalyptus leaves the mother koala had chewed. When the joey is seven months old it almost doesn’t fit in it’s mother’s pouch. It ride’s on it’s mother’s back now. When it’s nine months old it climb’s around by itself but it still stays close to it’s mother. When it’s one year old it lives on it’s own. The koala still lives in it’s mother’s home range until it’s two years old. When it’s two year’s old it looks for its home range so the it can have it’s own.

Now you know all about koalas. You have learned about baby koalas, what they look like, their habitat, and what they eat. I hope you liked reading All About Koalas. To find more information about them go to:

Fun Facts

  • A koala is not a bear.
  • Koalas sleep 18 hours.
  • Koalas are marsupials. The mother carries her baby inside a pouch on her body.

Vocabulary Words

  • marsupials- mammals that are born and grow bigger in their mother’s pouch, including koalas and kangaroos
  • nocturnal- sleep during the day and go out at night
  • Tasmania- a state in Australia


Australia is the littlest continent. Australia is in the middle of the Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean. In Australia the weather is very dry. The smallest state in Australia is Tasmania. In Australia the winter starts in June and Summer starts in December.