You need people to help you

Rockett Perkins

You need people to support you in life family or not


From 2000-Present Day


My Grandma Lorene

My grandma supports me everyday. She helped me out when my apartment burnt down. She helps me in basketball she got me a ball and ,she tells me thing i need to improve on. She also helps me in life and tells me things to do ,and without her my life story would be different.

My Dad Rod

My dad supports everyday also, He helps me with any sport or pretty much anything. In the summer he took me to the park so we could play basketball. He also supports in school also.My life would be affected if he wasn't my dad.


Plot event #1

When I was young my apartment set on fire. My grandma let me live in her house. It was a nice thing to do. It made me feel sad and great full at the same time . This showed that she supported me.

Plot event #2

2 years ago my grandma got me a basketball. If she wouldn't have got that ball , I wouldn't have gotten any better. It made me feel good that she supported me in basketball. She supported in basketball if she didn't I wouldn't of been as good as I am today.

Plot event #3

This summer my dad played basketball in a park with me. he supported me in basketball. It made me feel competitive and great full. If he wouldn't have done that I would be as good without his help.

Basketball in the Park

Sunday, June 1st, 6pm

Windflower Park, Norwalk, IA, United States

Norwalk, IA

This is where me and my dad played basketball

Turning Point

When my grandma got me a ball two years ago. It made me feel good that i got a new one ,because my old one was flat and had holes. If she wouldn't have got me it I wouldn't be in to basketball. Its a turning point because I'm really into basketball today and I wouldn't be if she didn't get that ball.

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My Dad

My Dad is funny, a good cook, a big cowboys fan, fun,and a overall cool person.

My Grandma

My Grandma is generous , loving ,smart , a big hawk eye fan , caring and fun