By: Geraldine Valencia


the amount of electric charge flowing past a specified point per unit of time (unit is ampere(A))

You can find this in your life when the light is on the current is flowing causing the light to be on

EX: the current is flowing throw the circuit past a specified point (image below)

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the difficulty an electric current faces to pass through an object (the act of opposing)

You can find this in your life when the light is off because the switch is working as the resistance which is stopping the current

EX: In the image below the current is trying to flow but the resistance which is represented by a hand is causing it difficulty to pass

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a path for electric currents

You can find this in any electronic that is working because circuit has to let the electric currents flow in order to work

EX: In the picture below there is a circuit with a current running through it causing the light to work

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Compare and Contrast

The words current, resistance, and circuit are alike because they are related to electricity. The words current and resistance are what are in a circuit. They are different because current is the electric charge flowing and resistance is what the current faces.